December 22, 2022 Somewhere On The Plains OF Texas

Somewhere On The Plains OF Texas

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  1. I like old things. I like old ways. I’m certainly not trendy. I like flannel in the winter. I don’t wear shorts or tee shirts. I love to take care of things, save things, look back on good times and try to preserve it for the next generation. I like carbureted trucks, I like Hereford cattle and I like good felt hats. I like steel guitars and good country music. I like John Wayne and Jimmy Stuart but don’t particularly care for the old Clint Eastwood movies. I won’t run my calves across a table to brand em and I won’t try n doctor cattle from a pickup or atv.
I have saved every futurity sale book that I’ve been too. I save old western horseman’s, quarter horse news and western livestock journals.
I’m a big fan of photographs. I love pictures of our experiences. Should something happen, they may be all we leave someone to remember us by or us to remember them by. I use this Facebook kind of as a diary. I enjoy looking back on things. Although, with that being said, I’m not a huge fan of technology. I don’t tik tok or snap chat. We have a land line in our home and I prefer to make calls on it.
I do believe that nothing is more soothing than sitting in front of a fire. The smoke and crackling of the wood sets your mind at ease.
I like cool weather and bay horses. I like horses in general but bays my favorite.
I like a good loyal dog and real home cookin. I like raisin my own beef and workin my own cattle. I like my home and knowing I built this place with my own hands and my sons along side me.
I spent most every day of my life with my grandparents and great grandparents growing up. Llived right next door to them. My great grandpa Elgin was born in 1897. He told me many stories of his youth.
I like 3 strand white nylon ropes. I like old cow horse bloodlines but believe in the new ones.
I guess I just like to follow in the footsteps of those before me and I appreciate tradition.
I’m not driven by money and every time I start to be I end up unhappy.
Roots are worth sticking to. New ain’t always better and old ain’t always worthless.
Those that can hang on to things usually hang on to things. Especially relationships. You’ll find those always looking for the latest and greatest usually have poor relationships.
I tend to respond in the manner in which I’m spoken to or treated. I’m competitive so if you treat me good I’ll try and do you better. Treat me bad and I’ll try and bury you.
I worry about the future of my children and grandchildren. I worry that the world won’t let them be young and innocent.
I pray that they’ll know when they pull through the gate at the ranch they’re home and that they’ll always know they’re safe and never hungry here.
I like to work and believe most peoples problems are solved 3 foot down while diggin post holes. If you ain’t wore callouses on your hands buildin fence you are missin out on the finer part of life. Sweat from within is gratifying.
I’ll stick to my end of the deal and refuse to look at myself as a victim but rather a lucky one who was born free in America.
I like wide open spaces and very few people. I enjoy a simple life. I’ve learned material things will not make you happy. Money ain’t the answer, however it’s pretty miserable without it. So to work I go and I enjoy it.
You’ll find that you can never get enough of what you don’t need. The spotlight is one of them. It’s best to hide from it.
I enjoy a good horse and a good saddle and would rather have those two things than a mansion. My favorite truck is my 79 chevy, not my 22 RAM.
I know the difference between friends and acquaintances. My real friends know who they are and if you ain’t sure of that you’re an acquaintance.
I was proud of my grandparents and hope one day when I have grandkids they are proud of me.
Here’s to tradition and not embracing the new world’s culture.
Enjoy your holiday season and remember how simple the first Christmas really was.
By Scott Hulme

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