January 4, 2023 When You Cheek Him by Bruce Kiskaddon

When You Cheek Him by Bruce Kiskaddon

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You caint figger out what a broncho will do

He is bound to start trouble before you get through

He might rair and fall backwards, and maybe he’ll run

and maybe he’ll buck like a son of a gun

Sometimes he may jest go a trottin around

And there’s a chance ag’in he might grunt and lay down

He might go hog wild and shore beller and bawl

And sometimes he will sulk and he wont go atall

You pull up your belt and you pull your hat tight

Fer it shore sets a feller to thinkin allright

But it isn’t no time to git skeery or weak

When you grab the old horn and the hackamore cheek

You make up your mind you will stay there and ride

If he bucks till the brand slips a foot on his hide

For the worst time in ridin’ a broncho, I’ve found

Is when your last foot is jest leavin’ the ground


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